Kasim Javed

Kasim Javed is the founder and director of KJ Vids. He has a degree in Marketing from the red-brick University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. His keen interest in International Relations along with his extensive experience in online marketing led him to create KJ Vids. The goal of KJ Vids is to empower citizens by providing fresh perspectives on the International order and making geopolitics accessible to everyone. It seeks to achieve this through creating compelling content on social media platforms. It currently has a following of over half a million people and has generated almost a hundred million video views since its inception. kjvids.co.uk is our non-partisan, educational subscription website for international relations and geopolitics.


Ahmed Ajmi

Ahmed Ajmi has a Graduate (Hons) in Sociology, Cultural Studies and English Literature. His specialisms include complex dependencies, urban conflict and subcultures. He takes a specific interest in British political and social policy and has written a number of papers and reports on these issues.

Charlie Charalambous

Charlie Charalambous is a political observer and historian. He has a History (Hons) from UCL, London, specialising in eastern European and Russian/Soviet history. He has written a number of papers on European and Ottoman history and closely observes the impact it has in the Middle East today.

Humphrey Hawksley

Humphrey Hawksley’s work as a BBC foreign correspondent has taken him to crises on every continent. He was expelled from Sri Lanka, opened the BBC’s television bureau in China, arrested in Serbia and initiated a global campaign against enslaved children in the chocolate industry.

Alex Gagaridis

Alex Gagaridis is an International Relations Analyst and the founder of Strategikos. He has completed a Master’s degree in “International Relations: Professional Focus Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution” with a grand distinction at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).

David Dapice

David Dapice is leading expert on the economic development of Southeast Asia and has worked extensively in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. He was principal advisor to the Indonesian Ministry of Finance when this country enjoyed its period of rapid growth. A well experienced expert.

Ishtiaq Khan

Ishtiaq Khan is a peace and conflict research professional specialising in the global trade in small arms and light weapons, armed conflict, conventional arms control and policy research. He has worked as consultant to the Peace Research Institute Oslo and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Political Science.

Anu Anwar

Anu Anwar’s career includes the public & academic sectors across the US, China, and Bangladesh. He is an Affiliated Scholar at East West Center Hawaii where his research project highlights ‘The role of Belt and Road Vs. Indo- Pacific Strategy for re the infrastructural deficit in South Asia’.

Hazem Zahab

Hazem Zahab is an undergraduate student at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is completing an International Bachelors in History. Having completed many papers he used his interest and expertise to write articles for KJ Vides providing historical and global context for geopolitical developments.

Joseph Chamie

Joseph Chamie has recently been appointed director of research at the Center for Migration Studies in New York. Previously, he was the director of the United Nations Population Division. Mr. Chamie served the UN in the field of population and development both overseas and in New York for more than 25 years.

Kenty Dubois

Kenty Dubois has a master in International Relations at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). He has completed an internship at the Arctic Centre (University of Lapland) specialising in the EU Arctic Policy and at the Embassy of Belgium in Helsinki dealing with political issues in Finland and Estonia.

Matthew Penn

Matthew Penn holds a master's degree in history from Murray State University. His specializations are modern European history and modern East Asian history. His research interests are European political integration, Chinese politics, and arms control. He is currently analyst for the crowdsourced consulting firm Wikistrat.

Mahan Abedin

Mahan Abedin is an Iranian-born British journalist and analyst of Iranian and Middle Eastern politics. His strong think-tank background includes stints at the Washington-based Jamestown Foundation and the Institute for Defense Studies in New Delhi. Abedin regularly appears on the BBC and Jazeera.

Michal Romanowski

Michał Romanowski joined the Warsaw office of The German Marshall Fund of the United States in 2011, where he works as a fellow and senior program officer. His foreign and security research interests include Russia, Central Asia, the modern Silk Road, as well as the Caspian region. He also explores integration processes within Eurasia with a particular focus on the Eurasian Economic Union.

Nikola Mikovic

Nikola Mikovic is a Serbian freelance journalist whose work has been published around the world. He covers Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and political developments in the Balkans. He writes for several publications. Previously, Nikola was a reporter at the Politika daily newspaper, the oldest such newspaper still in circulation in the Balkans.

Talha Ahmed

Talha Ahmad is a freelance geopolitical analyst and Writer. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in media and mass communication from the International Islamic University of Islamabad. He is an independent commentator and keen observer of International relations and geopolitics.

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