Will Kashmir Split? – 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. India’s bill to split Kashmir

India’s house of parliament has ratified a bill that will split the region of Kashmir into two “union territories”. The bill in Lok Sabha came one day after a presidential order dissolved Article 370. The Lok Sabha is expected to easily ratify the bill downgrading Kashmir from a state to a union territory with a legislature and carving out the Ladakh region as another union territory without a legislature. This is another move of escalation from India, that has not received the approval of the population of the region in question.

2. India divided over the split

The latest bill passed by India, splitting Kashmir, has even got widespread opposition in India, and has left the nation divided, for instance India’s surprise move to carve out sparsely populated Ladakh from the state of Jammu and Kashmir to make it a territory directly controlled by New Delhi has been met with protests in Kargil, a Muslim-majority border city in Ladakh that identifies culturally with Kashmir, suggesting that the Government’s plan to redraw the country’s political map will be far from easy. It remains to be seen whether India will reconsider its decision.

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3. China reacts negatively

4. Effect on Pakistani administered Kashmir

5. Restrictions to be eased

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