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Was Jimmy Carter a weak President?

Jimmy Carter served as the 39th US President from 1977 to 1981. Some of the key foreign policy events of his time include the Panama Canal treaty, the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt, the recognition of China and the Iran Hostage crisis.

In his capacity as the President, many people describe him as a weak President and failing in his foreign policy vision, whilst others see his failures as inherited rather than choices and think he did a great job. Alan Singer, a social studies educator at the Hofstra University ranked him 8th worst President of all time, but after watching this video, you can decide that for yourself.

I’m Kasim, welcome to KJ Vids and in a brand-new series of videos, we will look at the foreign policy of world leaders from the past and present. These videos will not be full biographies about the lives of Prime Ministers and Presidents, but rather, we will only be looking at their times in power from a foreign policy perspective. We will look at the key geopolitical matters of their times and how they dealt with various countries.

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