Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) embraces Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang after a co-operation signing ceremony between Russia and Vietnam at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam November 12, 2013.

Vietnam’s Growing Alliance with Russia: 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. Vietnam edging closer to Russia to oppose China

As tensions between the Vietnamese and Chinese navy soar in the South China Sea, Vietnam is standing up to the larger nation and not backing down, as unlike in the past two years, when Vietnam quietly scrapped a pair of drilling ventures with the Spanish energy firm Repsol under Chinese pressure, Vietnam is currently demanding that China withdraw its survey ship, Haiyang Dizhi 8, and its escorts from the vicinity of the oil and gas blocks. Last week, the Vietnamese government announced that it would extend the operations of an oil rig on Vanguard Bank through September amid an ongoing standoff with China in the area. The project would involve Russia as well, following a trend of strengthening Vietnam-Russia relations to oppose China’s imposing military tactics. Russia’s cooperation seems to have lifted Vietnamese spirits but is also strange due to Russia’s usual and improving relations with China.

2. Vietnam-Russia increasing economic co-operation

In addition to a military relationship, Vietnam and Russia are developing economic relations, as Ambassador Manh affirmed Russia is a special trustworthy partner of the country and thanked people in Primorye region and Russian people as a whole for supporting Vietnam during its national liberation and construction. Vietnam and Russia have witnessed a robust expansion in their two-way trade, especially after the Vietnam-Eurasian Economic Union Free Trade Agreement takes effect in October 2016. However, leaders of both sides said there is huge room for them to enhance economic-trade cooperation. This improving economic cooperation is set to improve Vietnam’s geopolitical position in the region.

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3. Russia-Vietnam friendship order

4. What is behind Vietnam-China maritime tensions

5. China becomes Third Major Investor in Vietnam

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