Venezuela Stalemate: 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. The political standoff in Venezuela could cause economic disaster

The stand-off between Venezuelan authoritarian leader Nicolas Maduro, and the man backed by the West and many in Venezuela Juan Guaido has been going on for several months, and it appears time is running up for the latter. Guaido is continuing to rally support from rural areas, and has announced his will to remove Maduro’s rule, by all means, stating in one of his rallies, “If I have to descend to hell to finish off this dictatorship, I will do it with the blessing of you all.” It is clear from these comments that Guaido will not back down. It is unclear, however, how long Mr Guaidó can keep his fractious opposition coalition together and his supporters enthused, and if the political stalemate continues for longer it could lead to an economic disaster. “Venezuela is in a state of perverse equilibrium,” said Luis Vicente León, director of Datanálisis, a polling and market research firm in Caracas, adding: “We are in a catastrophic deadlock where neither side can defeat the other but their conflict can destroy the country.”

2. Venezuela hit by US sanctions

In the latest move by the US to try to force Maduro to step down, the US has added new sanctions to the already imposed ones, which includes the authorisation of penalties against “foreign persons” who provide support for his government, as well as freezing the assets of President Maduro. The Venezuelan government has clearly been affected by this decision, as Venezuelan vice president called the actions, a “global threat” and an attack on private property, adding that “the US has to understand once and for all that they aren’t the owners of the world.” Although the move by the US could make Maduro reconsider his position, it will dangerously affect the economy and the Venezuelan people.

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3. Russia’s opposition to the US

4. Venezuelan Church takes a side

5. Is Guaido losing steam?

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