Touching picture shows woman in a niqab comforting elderly woman who fell down on bus


  1. A picture of a Muslim woman comforting an elderly lady who had fallen on a bus has touched the hearts of thousands of social media users.
  2. The post has been shared more than 34,000 times since it was shared yesterday by a Facebook user called Hamza Young Boss.
  3. There has been a huge rise in hate crimes following the London Bridge terrorist attack, with a large amount of the attacks in the street directed at British Muslims.
  4. Hamza was travelling on a bus from Ilford to Barking when the elderly woman fell and became stuck near the doors. Her head had become wedged between and metal pole and the door frame, leaving her lying on her back on the bus floor. Hamza posted the image to Facebook with the caption: “An 84-year-old lady just got her head stuck between the door and metal pole on El1 bus from Ilford to Barking. “The Muslim lady holding her hand supported her for 20 minutes until the ambulance arrived. This is the real Islam.”
  5. The post has since been liked 29,000 times with over 34,000 shares. Facebook users have been quick to praise her actions.



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