The Post-American Order

24th June 2019 | Reading Time: 6 minutes   97 Views
For decades, the US has been the centre of the global order. But today, the rise of new powers is challenging America’s supremacy, and most notably incumbent US President Trump is gradually changing many traditional elements of American foreign policy that were fundamental for the existing international system. So, are we leading to a post-American world?


The existing global order is largely the product of the combination of America’s ideals and interests. As it emerged as a great power at the end of the 19th century, the US started taking a more active role in international affairs, leading to its direct intervention in WWI. As the conflict ended, US President Woodrow Wilson inspired the League of Nations, an international organisation based on liberal principles that in his intention was supposed to ensure the respect of the rule of law, grant the peaceful coexistence of states and prevent new wars. However, the US Congress refused to confirm America’s participation, and this along with other structural flaws condemned the organisation to failure. Two decades after the League of Nations was established, another more terrible war broke out all over the world. The US intervened once again and as the conflict turned in its favour it started setting the rules of the post-war order that still exists today. The League of Nations was revived in an improved form as the United Nations, which is equally inspired by the American liberal values.

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