Relations between countries. Sri Lanka and China

The US and China’s fight for influence in Sri Lanka: 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. Sri Lanka opens up to China

Sri Lanka has invited Chinese tourists to the nation in a sign of strengthening relations, as their cabinet of ministers has approved a proposal from the Sri Lanka Tourism Ministry to include China in its free visa policy which was launched from August 1st 2019. Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs, John Amaratunga said “We are aware that China is one of our main markets. Despite the set back from the Easter Sunday attacks, I am sure this year we will be able to achieve our targets. From August 1, Chinese tourists can come to Sri Lanka without a visa fee and we see this as a landmark decision for the tourism industry,” Amaratunga said. Sri Lanka is hoping to pull the Chinese market for tourism and it appears China has welcomed the move.

2. Growth of China-Sri Lanka trade

Point 1 is the representation of the recent growth of trade relations between the two nations which have allowed them to form a positive dialogue. Similar to other countries’ trade relations with China, the expansion of trade with Sri Lanka was driven by a large influx of Chinese imports, resulting in an expanding trade deficit between the two countries. In fact, in 2016, China became Sri Lanka’s largest source of imports, surpassing India. The rise of Chinese imports in Sri Lanka is a relatively recent phenomenon, that has been the basis for the growth of relations between the nations, and its continuous growth gives China more economic ties and influence in the nation.

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