The Taliban is taking advantage of the US’s hurry to withdraw troops

Taliban aggression intensifies

As the Taliban continues negotiations with the US, it appears their aggression is only increasing, which is a very worrying development for all parties, and especially the Afghan government and people. The Taliban have launched a new attack on one of Afghanistan’s largest cities, Kunduz, the government said on Saturday, even as the insurgent group continued negotiations with the US on ending America’s longest war. The militants, who have demanded that all foreign forces leave the country, now control or hold sway over roughly half of the country and are at their strongest since their 2001 defeat by a US-led invasion. The fact that the US is withdrawing its troops at a time when the Taliban is at its strongest is also a source of concern, as it could effectively mean handing the Taliban the country. The Taliban has continued to use its same practices using civilian areas, as Presidential spokesman Sediq Seddiqi said: “As always the Taliban have taken positions in civilian areas.” It is unknown what conditions the US has set in negotiations, but it appears they are letting the Taliban loose and ignoring their breaches of negotiations.

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