Tensions between South Africa and Nigeria could lead to the eruption of a dangerous war

South Africans target xenophobic attacks on Nigerians

In the past week, South Africans have let there anger be known on the streets as at least five people were killed and 189 arrested during xenophobic attacks and looting in Johannesburg, Pretoria and elsewhere. The fallout from the outbreak of looting and violence that began on Sunday has been swift. Foreign nationals from countries including Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria were targeted. Since then Nigeria has pulled out of the World Economic Forum conference happening this week in Cape Town and plans to recall its ambassador, the country’s foreign minister said Wednesday. The attacks have sparked a period of uncertainty as it has provided a basis for the rise of tensions between the 2 nations, that are the 2 largest economies in Africa. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa warned Tuesday that the spate of attacks could trigger violence against its citizens abroad. “The attacks on people who run businesses from foreign nationals is totally unacceptable,” Ramaphosa said. “There can be no justification whatsoever about what people are having a grievance over that they should go out and attack people from other countries because when they do so here, they should also know that fellow South Africans will be attacked in other countries,” the President said. However, it appears this apology will not be enough to resolve the issues that have arisen in the past weeks.

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