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Tariq Ibn Ziyad and the Liberation of Spain

Tariq Ibn Ziyad and the Liberation of Spain

In the early 700s, Iberia (modern day Spain and Portugal) was controlled by a tyrannical Visigoth king, Roderic.He brutally imposed his Roman Trinitarian beliefs on the Christian Unitarian populace.Muslim historians, such as Ibn Khaldun, tell the legend of an Iberian nobleman based in North Africa, Julian, who pleaded with the Muslim armies to overthrow Roderic. For Roderic had also kidnapped and raped Julian’s daughter.Thus, in 711, under the orders of the Umayyad Caliph Al-Walid I, a great Muslim military commander called Tariq bin Ziyad led an army of a few thousand to the southern shore of the Iberian Peninsula. Watch to learn more or visit kjvids.co.uk/tariq-ibn-ziyad-and-the-liberation-of-spain

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