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pakistan geography

Geopolitical Strengths of Pakistan – Urdu Version

Pakistan occupies important tracts of land and is naturally couched in strategic geography.

It has a repository of extremely diverse physical contours extending for miles on end giving it a unique advantage.

Pakistan is bounded on the north by the Himalaya Mountains that stretch across the border of India and China.

The mountains are full of rough terrain, small roads, and hidden strategic points.

This gives the mountains a considerable worth when it comes to military stratagem.

In the event of war, travel by the enemies Tanks and other armoured vehicles, would be slow and expensive.

To avoid the prolonged time of travel, the enemy must transport troops and vehicles by air.

But this can be countered by Pakistan’s defendable surface to air missile sites that would be deployed discreetly in mountains.

The Pakistan-India border, traverses a variety of terrains ranging from major urban areas to Scorching deserts.

To support its naval ambitions, Pakistan is expanding its shipyard in Karachi with a modern ship-lift-and-transfer system.

Pakistan intends to acquire 8 new submarines from China, 4 Turkish corvettes and 2 Dutch patrol ships.

The Pakistan Navy is building a large submarine fleet that will be capable of threatening enemy naval fleets.

Pakistan’s military has strong relations with the militaries of the Middle East, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Together, these powers can propel the production of advanced fighters, warships and other weapons, and also fuel them.

Pakistan has a burgeoning defence industry, one that lets it field its own fighters, tanks, cruise missiles and other systems affordably.

Pakistan has the potential to strengthen itself and become a world leading military power.…

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