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Apple Indian Factory

Apple has started production of iPhone SE in India

Read original article by Benjamin Mayo on the 9to5 Mac or read just the key points below

  1. In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has confirmed that its manufacturing partners in India have started domestic production of iPhone SE. Presumably, the devices will bear an ‘Assembled in India’ label on the hardware. Apple is pushing hard into India as it looks for new markets to grow iPhone sales.
  2. The report says that the iPhone SE devices are being made in Bangalore and will ship to customers later in May, with the first domestically-produced phones appearing on store shelves next week.
  3. There are obviously some cost savings for Apple to take advantage of by producing domestically and local government reportedly believes Apple could sell its iPhone for as low as $220 (converted to Indian currency).
  4. However, Apple may be more lenient with its pricing in order to capture marketshare in the region where the average smartphone sells for under $200. One would assume that if the iPhone SE is a sales success, Apple will want to produce its newer devices (like iPhone 7) domestically too.
  5. Meanwhile, the administration continues to pile pressure onto Apple to make more of its products within the United States. Foxconn is said to be exploring a US factory and Apple has launched a $1 billion investment fund for US advanced manufacturing.


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