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Aleppo Genocide

How Erdogan Betrayed Aleppo

This is a brief outline of Erdogan’s recent interventions in Syria. For a detailed exposition with all references, read this essay: https://goo.gl/ePJQ5V

Muslims Around the World Stand for Aleppo

During the battle for Aleppo in December 2016, Muslims around the World held many demonstrations.

The Screams of Aleppo

The Screams of Aleppo. Watch and share these tragic final messages by people in Aleppo.

Heart-wrenching message for Aleppo

Activist Ashleigh Shaw delivers a heart-wrenching message at a demonstration in support for Aleppo in Bradford’s Cetenary Square.

5 Countries that watched Syria Die!

Whilst the people of Aleppo were being bombed by the Assad regime and Russia, the world watched silently and rulers of the Muslim World took no action to help them.

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