Saudi Arabia’s discreet fight for influence in Sudan: 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. Saudi Arabia sent millions of dollars to Al Bashir

Saudi Arabia had appeared to put its money on ousted Sudan president Omar Al Bashir when he was in power, as the former president received millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, a police investigator has told a court at the start of a corruption trial. Al-Bashir, who is charged with illicit possession of foreign currency and accepting gifts in an unofficial manner, admitted to receiving the $90m in cash from Saudi royals, Brigadier General Ahmed Ali testified on Monday. This is a clear sign of Saudi Arabia’s support for the ousted leader and shows their struggle for influence in Sudan is real.

2. Saudi Arabia deposits $250 million in Sudan central bank

Saudi Arabia now appears to be going with the flow in Sudan, as they have decided to monetarily support the newly formed government as well. Saudi Arabia has deposited $250 million into the central bank of Sudan to support its financial position, the Saudi Finance Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. It is aimed at alleviating pressure on the Sudanese pound and achieving stability in its exchange rate, the ministry said. However, in light of the latest news of payments to Al Bashir, their true intentions seem much deeper than that, as the intent to gain a say in the country’s political future, and eventually, exploit its resources.

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