‘The danger of a Sudanese revolution is in the Saudi royal family’s optics, in the sense of possibility that it suggests.’ Members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family and dignitaries. Photograph: Reuters

Saudi Arabia is working hard to maintain it’s influence in Sudan

Saudi Arabia’s malleable plans for Sudan

Saudi Arabia has been steadily increasing its economic and political influence on Sudan, and the fall of Al Bashir’s government did not change that.

When the new government was formed, Saudi Arabia deposited $250 million into the central bank of Sudan to support its financial position.

Furthermore, RSF leader Mohamed Daglo is a trusted friend and an ally of Saudi Arabia. In May 2019, Daglo met with the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and assured him of continued cooperation with Saudi Arabia in their ongoing war in Yemen. However now, as Saudi Arabia finds terms with the Houthis, questions have arisen over what Saudi Arabia’s intentions are in Sudan.

The nation’s investment in Sudan has continued, as Saudi Arabia will lend Sudan SAR487m ($130m) to support education and health services, Sudan’s government said, the latest assistance from the kingdom since the North African nation’s army ousted long-time leader Omar al-Bashir in April. The Saudi Fund for Development will provide the loan, the Finance Ministry said Tuesday in a statement.

The continued funding could be a continuation of what proved to be a useful tool in Yemen, the guarantee of manpower and military support from Sudan in the event of any Saudi military conflict.

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