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Putin follows Trump with his own Saudi Arabia meeting

Read original article by Joel Gehrke on the Washington Examiner or read some of the key points below;

  1. “Russian President Vladimir Putin wasted no time in meeting with Saudi Arabian officials, just days after President Trump’s visit to Riyadh for his first foreign trip.”
  2. “Putin and Saudi Arabian Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud exchanged compliments and pledged themselves to increased economic cooperation in the energy industry, a major component of the Russian economy.”
  3. “”I would like to start our meeting by noting that relations between our countries are making steady headway,” Putin said”
  4. “Salman was even more effusive. “Today, relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia are going through one of the best stages,” he said, according to a translation posted by the Kremlin.”
  5. “Salman also said. “As for those issues on which we are divided, we have efficient mechanisms for overcoming our differences. We are moving ahead at a fast pace and the current visit will become a big achievement in consolidating relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia.”
  6. “First, Putin is always opportunistic,” a congressional Republican aide told the Washington Examiner. “And this is a good photo-op for bracketing purposes. Second, Saudi Arabia wants leverage by showing it has options. Especially as it pushes for air defense missiles to counter Iran. It wants THAAD and other high-tech systems from the U.S. that can be sensitive due to the need to keep Israel’s qualitative military edge.”
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