Pakistan is trying to mediate the Saudi-Iran conflict

Why is Pakistan trying to mediate Iran-Saudi peace talks?

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has appeared to have taken the role as a mediator between Iran and Saudi, and could be a crucial factor in preventing a full-blown conflict between the 2 nations. Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran both bitter regional foes escalated recently after Saudi oil facilities were attacked last month, dramatically impacting the kingdom’s oil output and causing oil prices to spike globally.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels, that have been at war with a variety of Yemeni groups backed by a Saudi Arabia-led military alliance since 2015 and are alleged to be backed by Iran and North Korea. Pakistan, which has generally maintained very close ties with Saudi Arabia is now trying to step up to ease tensions between the arch-rivals, despite staying officially neutral in this regional rivalry.

“Pakistan attaches high importance to bilateral ties with Iran,” Khan stated according to a press statement. “Pakistan is willing to play its role in strengthening peace and stability in the region.” One major reason for this could be as Islamabad is pitching the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries that might benefit from faster trade routes into and out of China. Pakistan is also seeking economic and military cooperation on larger scales with both nations, which will be highlighted in the next points.

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