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Mohamad Salah – Liverpool’s Egyptian King

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian Football sensation taking the world by Storm. He is dubbed ‘The Egyptian King’ by fans.
Salah comes from humble beginnings, growing up in a small village called Nagrig in Egypt.

He would travel up to 6 hours per day to attend El Mokawloon youth club from the age of 14.

El Mokawloon nurtured Salah’s talent for 6 years and watched him grow into a professional footballer in 2010.

The Port Said Stadium tragedy in 2012, saw thugs attack the opposing supporters, resulting in the death of 74 people.
With the suspension of the Egyptian Football league, Salah’s career looked bleak as did the future of Egyption Football.

During a friendly game with FC Basel, Salah came on as a substitue, putting on a display securing him a 4-year deal with the club.

Mohamed Salah would spend seasons at FC Basel (’12-’14), Chelsea (’14-’16) and Roma (’16-’17) before joining Liverpool FC in 2017.

Muslim Players such as Salah, Mane, Ozil and Pogba are not afraid to practice their faith and speak about their religion.

Celebrating his goals in prostration, Salah has not only broke records, but has also impacted the racist bigotry usually heard in the stands.

Sujoods ‘on the pitch’, visiting local Mosques and regular charity work have helped portray a positive image of Islam and Muslims.

Mohamed Salah has been a positive role model for young Muslims, breaking barriersand stereotypes along the way…
With a record breaking season, ‘The Egyptian King’ has been named PFA player of the year and is eyeing up the prestigious Balon d’Or.

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