European Union flag with the Turkish flag on the background of old locked doors

Is Turkey using the migration crisis as an opportunity to strengthen its EU bid?

Germany and Turkey have a positive meeting over migration

Turkey has long been cooperating with the EU on controlling migration flow and establishing quotas. Germany on Sept. 12 reaffirmed its commitment to the EU-Turkey refugee agreement, amid fears of another refugee wave due to the Syrian regime’s attacks in the northwestern region of Idlib. Speaking at a news conference in Berlin, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas expressed concern over recent developments and an increasing number of crossings in the Aegean Sea in recent months. “I have discussed these issues in a phone call with my Turkish counterpart Çavuşoğlu this week. “I had once again highlighted that the EU would honour its commitments under the EU-Turkey refugee agreement,” he said, adding that he expected Turkey would also continue to honour its commitments. “It has been a very constructive discussion. So I believe that the situation will step by step calm down and normalize again,” he added. Last week Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned of a new potential refugee influx from the conflict-torn Idlib, Syria, and he urged the EU to take measures to share the burden. He underlined that Turkey might open the doors for refugees to cross to Europe if the EU would not share the burden. While this is continued cooperation between Turkey and the EU, Turkey’s renewed interest could signify another push to use cooperation on the migration issue to strengthen its bid to enter the EU.

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