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FILE- In this June 10, 1947 file photo, Viceroy of India Lord Louis Mountbatten, right, speaks with Muslim League leader Muhammed Ali Jinnah during conferences on India’s division in New Delhi. Jinnah appealed to Indians to carry out peacefully the British plan for dividing the country. The Muslim League formally adopted the plan on the night of June 9. As the 70th anniversary of India-Pakistan Partition comes up next week, relations between the two nations are as broken as ever. In some ways, their violent birth pangs dictated their future course through suspicion and animosity. (AP Photo/Max Desfor, File)

Muslim refugees crowd atop a train leaving New Delhi for Pakistan in September 1947.

British Maj. T.J. Monaghan, left, and Pvt. H. Farabrother of the Inniskilling Regiment of Northern Ireland, walk through wreckage after riots destroyed parts of the Punjab suburb of Amritsar, India, March 18, 1947.


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