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Imran Khan and the Military of Pakistan

Imran Khan has given hope to millions of Pakistani people around the world with promises of a new Pakistan. He has promised to end corruption and improve education, health and the environment. The charismatic former cricket captain began his political campaign 20 years ago to end the endemic corruption in Pakistan. With Nawaz Sharif and some members of his family jailed on corruption charges and the Bhutto family hardly anywhere to be seen, the victory of Imran Khan has broken the traditional clan loyalty and family politics – well for the time-being at least.

But many analysts have argued that his political fortunes only arose as he warmed towards the military which is widely said to be in control of the main levers of power in Pakistan and has dominated foreign and security policies for decades. I’m Kasim, this is KJ Vids and in this video, we will examine the role of the military in Pakistan’s politics.

The Pakistani military has always played an important role in Pakistani politics. For nearly 70 years, the army has defined the country’s national security priorities, sometimes from the seat of government itself, and many commanders have been placed in prominent economic and political positions.

The army has actually been in charge for a combined 33 years of Pakistan’s 68-year history. In this video we examine the role of Pakistan’s Military on Imran Khan’s victory.

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