How the Assad regime has benefitted the most from operation Peace Spring

The Syrian government in driving seat for peace talks

As operation Peace Spring came to a halt last week, the Syrian government has found itself in a position where it has reclaimed previously lost land from the Kurdish forces along with the Russians, as well as with weakened potential opposition as many US troops withdrew from the Northern Syrian region. Now, as the US, Turkey and Russia have formulated a deal to stop the violence in Northern Syria, the UN has taken the opportunity to restart peace talks for Syria. Despite the turmoil, for the first time in years, the Syrian government and opposition delegates will meet this week to weigh the devastated country’s future. On Thursday, after months of intensive but low-key diplomacy, the United Nations special envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, plans to bring 150 Syrians to Geneva. There, they will begin work on a constitutional committee intended to shift attention from the battlefield to what happens when, sooner or later, the fighting in their country stops. Furthermore, although the US says it has several points of leverage over the Assad regime to make them agree to a political settlement, it appears more than ever that Assad is in the driver’s seat, as operation Peace Spring and its consequences helped him consolidate his power with the help of the Russians.

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