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How Israel has gained an alliance with the Arab world

The importance of Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Israel’s strengthening relationship with Saudi Arabia has built the basis for establishing behind the scenes relations with other Gulf nations, and the arab world as a whole. Saudi Arabia, along with Egypt are the leading geopolitical figures in the Arab world, and their foreign policy often acts as a reference point that surrounding nations are expected to use to navigate their own ties.

Hence, Israel’s strong foundational relationship with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, that has come out of large “necessity” in Egypt, and a variety of factors in Saudi Arabia has opened the gates for Israel to establish ties with the Arab world. Saudi Arabia has built a strong relationship with Israel, that is not so informal anymore.

Two of the main reasons for warming relations are first, a common enemy in Iran, and secondly, strengthening bilateral ties with the US. The role of Iran in bringing Israel and Saudi Arabia is undeniable, as it has served as a source of common interest for the two nations, and Iran’s opposing role to Saudi in the Yemen war has been the biggest factor in helping Saudi put its differences with Israel aside.

Meanwhile, US Israeli ties have followed the same trend of US Saudi ties, although Saudi’s relationship with the US goes a long time back, due to its oil sales, as well as geopolitical importance. Saudi Arabia also needs alternative export routes for its oil, and Israel is willing to help.

Saudi Arabia intends to get Saudi oil to the deep harbour of Haifa for export to Europe and the West. This would be a much safer, faster and more secure way to guarantee Saudi exports to the west, as it would avoid Iranian aggression at the Strait of Hormuz and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait in the Red Sea. It would also save the considerable transit fees involved in crossing the Suez Canal.

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