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How does India’s Kashmir move affect relations with China? 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. China warns of breach of their territory

China has been concerned by India’s actions in Kashmir, and now China Foreign Minister Wang told S Jaishankar that the Indian government’s announcement of the establishment of the Ladakh Union Territory, “which involves Chinese territory, has posed a challenge to China’s sovereignty and violated the two countries’ agreement on maintaining peace and stability in the border region”. India should be concerned by this response and should reconsider their decision on Ladakh, to avoid conflict with China.

2. India to expect ‘consequences it can’t control’

In another worrying sign from China to India, India’s unilateral decision on Kashmir is a ‘geopolitical trickery’ that may have ‘actual consequences that India can’t control’, Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times said in an editorial. Warning India that “a nationalist India has no future” in an editorial titled ‘Unilateral move will incur risks for India’. Despite this, India seems unaffected by China’s comments and staying on track to its plans in Kashmir. It remains to be seen if India will eventually buckle under pressure, or maintain its position.

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3. India and China won’t let this cloud stable relations

4. The promise of economic co-operation

5. Cultural ties to grow?

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