Finsbury Park terror suspect ‘developed hatred of Muslims after watching hit BBC grooming drama Three Girls’

  1. According to a prosecution’s opening note, Darren Osbourne, the supected terrorist who ran over Muslims with his van developed ‘radical anti-Islamic views’ that apparently stemmed from the TV drama ‘Three Girls’, which was broadcast on BBC1 last month.
  2. The harrowing programme was based on the shocking true story of the young victims of the Rochdale child sexual exploitation ring and how they were let down by authorities.
  3. “He [Osborne] started to express hatred towards all Muslims and to research gangs working in Rotherham and Luton,” the prosecution opening note states.
  4. It adds: “He was heard on one occasion to say ‘Fucking Muslims’.”
  5. Grandfather Makram Ali, 51, died at the scene and nine other men were injured after the white vehicle was allegedly driven into the group close to Finsbury Park Mosque on Monday.

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