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Egypt-Israel Relations Tight as Pipes: 5 Geopolitical Effects You Need to Know

1. Egypt and Israel getting closer

Israel and Egypt are showing signs of closer relations in a changing Middle East. An example of the warm feelings being developed between the nations, is the statement of Avichay Adraee, the head of the Israeli military Arab media division, about thousands of Egyptian Christian Copts marking Holy Saturday in Israel, saying “We welcome the thousands of Egyptian Copts who arrived in Israel to participate in the Holy Saturday mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem today.” To show the extent of the growth of the Israeli-Egyptian relationship, Samir Ghattas, an Egyptian MP and an Israeli affairs specialist stated: “Relations between the two capitals have been growing steadily and on all fronts. The current administration in Egypt is fully aware that Israel is a country with which Egypt had signed a peace treaty.” Cairo and Tel Aviv have had a long history of tensions and war, but relations seem to have taken a new turn, and they are now coordinating on several issues, including security in Sinai and relations with the Palestinian Hamas movement, which rules the Gaza Strip. Sisi also views Israel as an important aid in fighting the IS movement in Egypt.

2. Israel set to start exporting gas to Egypt

In the latest sign of strengthening relations and increasing cooperation, Israel is set to begin exporting natural gas to Egypt next year, with volumes that could reach as much as seven billion cubic meters per year. This is according to Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz. The project will transfer natural gas from Israeli offshore fields Tamar and Leviathan into the Egyptian gas grid. Egypt hopes to benefit from this, by using it as a stepping stone to becoming a key international trading and distribution centre for gas. Nevertheless, it is a move that significantly increases Israel’s influence in Egypt as well as the Middle East as a whole.

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3. Israel and Egypt strengthen energy ties

4. UN sees Egypt as mediator

5. Sisi still claims to support Palestinian state

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