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Get in touch!
Drop us a message with your requirements and goals.
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Apply for Work
We are pleased to officially open up piece work opportunities for writers and video editors.
Which country are you based in?
We produce videos about history, economics, politics and International relations. We are only accepting applications from experienced and qualified people. Please describe your qualification in history, politics, economics and international relations and/or provide links to your articles.
If you do not know how to use any of these video software's, please do not apply for this vacancy. If you do, please provide links to any videos you have edited below.
Please paste links for any videos you have edited.
Please note that we can only give work to anyone who has an interest in history, economics, politics or international relations. Please provide the countries/regions that you are most comfortable with.
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Submit Your Video Topic
If you can provide a script, this would increase the chances of your video being produced. All we require is 12-14 sentences with a maximum word limit of 15-20 words per sentence.
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Book Advert
Tell us what you would like us to type when sharing your video. Include any contact information and your social media page username.
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