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Mubzz Bajwa is a British Pakistani Muay Thai Fighter. He holds the Guinness world record for 111 consecutive Thai boxing rounds.

Having sized down from once a 100KG, he now has done 4 hours of bag work whilst fasting. He was inducted into the martial arts hall of fame.

He has featured in the MAI magazine and writes for MAUK

He now has a stunt man and acting role in an upcoming movie.

He now raises funds for charities by doing incredible challenges

His latest challenge is a 2-day trek over the Brecon beacons, a sky dive and an underwater seabed walk from Rhossili Bay to Worms Head Island.

He is completing the trek along with a 10-year-old Tyler Ford who is a multiple times world champion

Tyler is also the son of Great, great grandson of Petty Officer Edgar Evans who was a famous Welsh naval officer

The funds they raise will go towards cancer pumps for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

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