Alex Gagaridis

Geopolitical Analyst

– Strong multidisciplinary expertise, with a focus on International Relations; I can analyze a given issue considering its various aspects (political, strategic, historical, economic, juridical, cultural, sociological, etc.)

– I am a regular contributor on “Geopolitical Monitor”

– Experience in geopolitical analysis & forecasting, writing, translation

– Multiple language skills (and I am working to improve them!)

– Geographic interest: Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, North & South Korea, Taiwan); Europe & EU (Greece, Italy); Middle East (Turkey, Israel, KSA, Iran); US; Russia; India

– Thematic interest: international security, military affairs, emerging countries, rise & fall of great powers, geopolitics of strategic resources, security impact of climate change, historical & cultural factors in foreign policy, political discourse

– Critical & long-term thinking

– When analyzing an issue, what counts for me the most is not much what is going well, but rather what is not

– Adaptable and open to new contexts & experiences (I have studied two years in Belgium, then I moved to Poland); if I never interned, it is just for practical economic reasons

– History lover

– Passionate reader (the three books that marked me the most: “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Y. N. Harari, “Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace” by E. Luttwak, i”The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers” by P. Kennedy)