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Month: January 2017

Texas Mosque gets $1M from Donors

Wow, the burned down Texas Mosque receives a $1M from donors in just a few days!…

How America Destroyed Iraq

This is one video that everyone must watch. Trump is simply continuing what has existed for over 50 years.…

Texas Mosque in Flames

This isn’t Buddhist extremists burning Rohingya Mosques, this is happening in the United States of America…

Al-Zahrawi – The Pioneer of Modern Surgery

One of the great figures of Muslim Spain was Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi, Islam’s greatest medieval surgeon. He revolutionized how surgery was performed by inventing new methods and tools to help heal patients. His thirty-volume encyclopedia of medicine was used as a standard text for medicine throughout Europe for centuries. The impact he had on how medicine was practiced was truly revolutionary.…

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