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  • The Black Swan in Indian-Saudi Relations

    As it struggles to diversify its economy and to find new international partners, Saudi Arabia is looking at South Asia with growing interest, but improving ties with India and Pakistan is not a simple task due to the longstanding rivalry between the two. Adding Iran to the equations makes things even more complex, and if the current trend persists there will be little space for greater Saudi-Indian cooperation.

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  • Understanding Venezuela’s Foreign Policy

    Whilst enormous academic and media attention has focussed on how “Bolivarianism” has shaped Venezuela’s economic policy since 1998 (the year Hugo Chavez first came to power), comparatively small effort has been expended on understanding how the Bolivarian revolution has influenced Venezuelan foreign policy in the past two decades.

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  • American and the Panal Canal

    In December 1989, the U.S launched “Operation Just Cause” which was an invasion of Panama that lasted for just over one month. The foray into Panama was the largest US combat operation since the Vietnam War. At the time the US trotted out various noble justifications.

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  • The enigmatic relationship between India and Israel

    India and Israel have been allies for much of recent history although the relations between these two countries have been low-profile and only started getting global attention in recent years. Besides having strong economic ties the two countries also share key strategic and military cooperation.

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  • India’s quest for regional dominance

    India is a country that is expected to play a central role in the 21st century. Having a large and fast-growing economy, it is also strengthening its military and is well positioned to dominate South Asia and extend its influence beyond it. But it must also face notable challenges, both domestically and geopolitically.

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  • Can Mexico become a regional power

    Mexico is a vast country with a large population and a good economic potential. However, its development is severely hampered by widespread corruption and criminality, especially the smuggling activities of the powerful drug cartels.

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